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October 2013

If you are worried any trees which the Storm may have damaged or moved please ring the office and we can arrange a visit to your property.


November 2012

Ash Dieback Disease (Chalara fraxinea) if you are concerned about your Ash tree please ring us and we will arrange an appointment to look at your tree or trees and offer advice.

This is a new disease affecting Ash trees has recently been found in Britain. The disease has already caused extensive loss of Ash trees in mainland Europe, and is potentially a major threat to Ash trees in the UK.

What is Chalara fraxinea?

Ash dieback disease is caused by the fungus Chalara fraxinea and was found in the UK for the first time earlier this year in young Ash plants in tree nurseries and recently planted sites.

The disease is characterised by the premature loss of leaves from the outer parts of the crown (top and sides), accompanied by long diamond-shaped lesions or areas of sunken and discoloured bark on twigs. These lesions girdle twigs and small branches, starving the leaves above of water and nutrients and causing whole branches to die. In mature trees, it is the new growth that is affected.

What is being done about the disease?

The government has implemented a ban on the import of Ash plants into the UK and on the movement of Ash plants, seeds and trees into and around the UK. The ban does not extend to the movement of ash timber or firewood except from sites where the disease has already been found.  Please see the link for the Forestry Commision for further information:


August 2012 various job vacancies available please email your CV to

June 29th & 30th 2012 SAWN TIMBER SALE  Varying Species, shapes & sizes, locally sourced - For further information please contact the office 01787 319200

December 2011 New website launched with further information on the various services we offer

July 2011 We are now on YouTube. A company profile video highlighting the wide range of services we offer.

September 2010 Sawn timber sale at our yard generated a lot of interest from wood turners and cabnet makers.

September 2009 Latest 21 meter access platform now enables us to reach new heights.

july 2006 We have recently purchased a Volvo BL51 for assisting in forestry operations and handling timber.

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