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Suffolk Tree Services Ltd in conjunction with The Martin Consultancy are able to provide a comprehensive service for the preparation of reports on all tree matters for planning, conservation, mortgage, insurance and litigation purposes.

Tree Surveying

Suffolk Tree Services Ltd recommends that, as a protection against possible consequential damage and loss, all trees should be surveyed annually.

Tree owners are advised to look carefully at their trees for signs of fungal activity at the base and root system (particularly noticeable in the autumn) and for dead and diseased branches and cavities in the stem and crown.

Call in an expert Arboriculturist if any problems are found. The investment in a professional opinion can conserve your trees and avoid costly consequences.

Site visits and surveying can be carried out to clients' requirements, from an individual tree to whole estate schemes. Aerial inspections, digital photography and our vast experience of tree physiology and disease can provide you with all the help you need for the better management of your trees.

Electronic Assessment Techniques

As an extension to our Consultancy and Advisory Services Suffolk Tree Services Ltd now uses the latest electronic diagnostic equipment to detect and quantify decay in mature trees. In conjunction with many years of accumulated practical experience in the assessment and management of mature trees, these diagnostic aids allow us to provide clients with an accurate report upon the internal condition of even the largest specimens without damaging invasive methods.

Sonic Tomograph by PICUS

This highly sophisticated system uses a series of sensors placed around the stem of the tree at the desired level of investigation and connected to a computer. By tapping special pins placed into the sub-bark layer of the tree a series of sound waves can be cross-interpreted by all of the sensors. This provides a cross-section picture of the tree's interior condition at any given level of the stem using the accurate measurement of sound velocities through varying densities of tissue. Read more...

Resistograph Measurements

Complementary to the Picus Tomograph system we also have the facility for the careful investigation of the internal condition of buttress roots and branches.

The Resistograph uses an advanced drilling technique using special equipment that detects resistance to the penetration of a 2mm drill bit to a depth of up to 400mm. A drilled shaft of such small diameter is easily sealed and highly unlikely to introduce decay organisms because of the strict hygiene procedures used with this equipment.

Suffolk Tree Services Ltd can provide comprehensive written and illustrated reports upon tree condition with the recommendations for planning applications, insurance and mortgage application etc. for one tree or for whole sites as required. Read more...