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Stump Grinding

Suffolk Tree Services Ltd. offers a stump grinding service and can remove the smallest to the largest of tree stumps, even in the most difficult locations. Tree stumps are unsightly, can be difficult to remove or mow round in a lawn and can attract fungus and other wood rotting organisms which can then affect other trees.

  • Clearance of tree stumps using our fleet of stump grinders of different capacities is fast and efficient and can be carried out to a depth of 300mm below ground level. The location can then be back-filled with top soil to allow replacement of turf or hard landscaping.
  • Suffolk Tree Services Ltd. has the capacity to remove one single stump in the back garden of a property, or stumps in roadside situations, or clear a whole site for building and civil engineering projects. Small machines need an access of only 35.5 inches (887mm) allowing us to deal with almost any troublesome stump.
  • Where working on or near the highway appropriate coning, guarding and signing is carried out for the safety of the operatives and road users and appropriate detection techniques are used to locate and underground services and utility cables prior to carrying out work.