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Suffolk Tree Services Ltd. prides itself in being a waste free and environmentally friendly company. It is our aim to recycle 100% of all arisings from our works.


Brushwood is processed on site, compressed using our fleet of woodchipping machinery to a fraction of its volume and can either be left for the client's use or removed for conversion to an environmentally sound mulching material at our purpose-built facility.

We do not burn brushwood other than by special agreement with clients and appropriate government agencies, and to agreed practices on forestry and woodland locations.


Logwood arisings can be left at the client's site for their future use or removed to our storage facility for seasoning and processing into firewood.


In our experience clients generally require the removal of all heavy timber from site and we have the necessary equipment and facilities to arrange this efficiently and with the minimum of disturbance. Suffolk Tree Services Ltd. can either negotiate sale of timber for clients or undertake the disposal of saleable material.

We can also arrange conversion of suitable timber for client's own use on site using a portable milling trekker-saw. Alternatively we are able to undertake the chain-saw conversion of suitable round timber for site uses such as fencing posts and path / track edging.