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Saw Mill

A more recent acquisition / purchase made by Suffolk Tree Services is a Rimu sawmill. The Rimu mill is manufactured in New Zealand and is fully portable. (Further information about Rimu can be found on their website - This enables Suffolk Tree Services to offer a milling service to all its customers. If a tree is to be felled and the wood is suitable to be sawn into usable timber it can be taken to our yard and milled.  If it is a valuable trunk such as Oak / Walnut etc this can also create value for the customer as the timber can be sold on, or it can be made into something for the customer, high quality furniture, floor boards, oak beams or garden furniture.

The sawmill is based at our site / yard where we convert some of the wood we can into sawn timber, and we hold large stocks of sawn timber. If the customer wants sawn timber please ring or e-mail as we can supply any size, either pre cut and air dried, or if we do not have the right dimensions we can cut fresh timber to size.

We have most species of native timber and can also supply some interesting timber such as burr wood or exotic woods for woodturning.