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Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery

The term Tree Surgery covers a broad range of techniques for the management of mature trees. Unless very old or suffering from disease, trees rarely require surgery attention. However, where confined in urban areas, trees are very often subject to stress that may lead to problems such as instability. Regular inspection will detect the early onset of problems that may require only simple pruning or, if trouble has developed, the following various techniques are available to correct potentially threatening situations.

The skilled assessment and pruning of specimens trees for reasons of health, aesthetics and safety requires extensive knowledge of the physiology and characteristics of each species within the content of each tree's particular environment and location. Suffolk Tree Services Ltd. will carefully consider all aspects of the customer's requirements and the subject tree's need and base its work upon these factors.

Further information on the various techniques used is available from the links below:

A Holistic Approach

We pride ourselves upon a complete respect for our clients' needs. Of equal importance to us as the high standard of our technical work is the quality of final tidying and clearance of a site to the satisfaction of our customer. Our satisfaction is in a job well done and we take great pride in every detail of all we do.