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Resistograph Measurements

Complementary to the Picus Tomograph system we also have the facility for the careful investigation of the internal condition of buttress roots and branches.

The Resistograph uses an advanced drilling technique using special equipment that detects resistance to the penetration of a 2mm drill bit to a depth of up to 400mm. A drilled shaft of such small diameter is easily sealed and highly unlikely to introduce decay organisms because of the strict hygiene procedures used with this equipment.

Linked to computer software this system is so sensitive that it can even detect and measure individual annular ring widths as well as the density of timber or hollows at any required depth of investigation.

This is particularly appropriate for buttress roots close to ground level and for aerial examination of the internal structure of limbs. Using this technique it is also possible to analyse year-on-year growth rates of trees to determine the effects of root damage from, for instance, cable and pipeline excavations that may have adversely affected a tree.

Measuring / Object Data

1 Time 10:28:16 Location Park Tree
Drilling Depth 39.84cm Avg. Curve Off Name -
Wood Species Soft (1) Diameter 120,0cm Length of Cavities 16cm
ID Number 0001 Level 50,0cm Min. Width/Height -
Advance 30,0cm/min Direction - Start of Detecting 2cm
Object Species Lombardy Poplar   Detect Last Cavity -